I knew there had to be a way to breed dogs ethically and to celebrate the breed at the same time. 

Over a decade ago we assisted in breeding and raising puppies with a mentor westie breeder. Despite us loving the breed, it was hard to see how some of the dogs were treated. The mothers health was not put first, despite the physical toll they were being put through having litter after litter. 

After a short time there, we had had enough and decided that there must be a way to still raise these incredible dogs, but to do so ethically so the puppies, parent dogs, and future puppy families all have optimal experiences. So they can in short, live life to the fullest even as breeding dogs and receive a rich upbringing to better set the puppies up for successful future lives.

Enter in our program of dog breeding today...
Health testing dogs, raising them with specialized programs, and vetting future owners.

Do you want to feel like there is something backing up your investment in your future canine companion? Then you found the right breeders. We put our heart and soul into raising these dogs. We prioritize their soon-to-be owners in this business. We do this by health testing our dogs, giving parent dogs top care, and caring about where out pups end up! 

Our puppies have found home all over the United States and we are hoping someday to find worldwide homes for them as well. Because of this, we make sure that you the puppy buyer and the puppy are the right fit. This is a big commitment after all, and we want your personalities and energy levels to match well. 

We want to get to know you and have you get to know us!

By temperament testing the puppies we can make sure that you can make the most informed decision before purchasing your puppy. We also health test parents (via OFA, PennHip, and EMBARK DNA testing) to set you up to be as successful as possible when it comes to the physical health of your puppy and adult dog. 
We view Diamond in the Ruff as a big doggy family and network of owners. So no matter if you puppy is 8 weeks or 8 years old, we want to hear how you and they are doing! We want to continue with you through the journey with your canine companion. 

We don't have very many litters per year because we prioritize giving each litter the attention they need.

Waiting for the right puppy and breeder is worth it!

If one of these breeds is for you, just know, these dogs will give you their heart and soul!

We all know that dogs are built to be humankind's best friend... and our dogs are no exception. However, different breeds have different energy levels and characteristics. Make sure YOU match with the breed you choose so you can have the most optimal experience with your future dog.

We want you to be happy and successful in your dog journey! 

Fast facts. . .

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Get to know us . . .

Depending on the season, you can find our family competing on horseback, hunting, playing all kinds of sports, or just enjoying time outside camping!

we love to be active!

We run a full fledged farm! Besides raising dogs, we also run a horse boarding and lesson program! We breed highland cows and have goats... cuz they are cute. 

horse, cows, goats, and dogs!

We live at the base of the mountains in the Ogden, UT area. We experience all four seasons here, & enjoy breathtaking views from our home and pasture every day.

Home Base...


She is patient, caring, and attentive. I've seen her interact with her pets and other animals in a positive way many times via her social media accounts on FB and IG. Ashley is also very attentive in answering any questions I may have had during the process.
- Shawn H. 

"If I decide to get another Giant Schnauzer, Ashley is definitely my go to breeder."

"Amazing experience with an amazing breeder who truly cares about her pets. She helped me get my best friend Trigger. Three years later he’s the best decision I’ve ever made! ... Ashley did all of the testing I was looking for and more on the parents."
- Ben B.

"Best dog I’ve ever owned and a lot of that can be attributed to the breeder."

"They really care about their dogs and want to make sure they go to a good home. It makes all the difference in the world to get a puppy who is loved and who has been taken care of well, and they definitely do that! They are the best!" - Jessica F. 

"I loved my experience with Diamond in the Ruff."

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