Do you want a physically healthy dog? Do you want a dog that is well adjusted emotionally and mentally? Then you've come to the right place! You can feel confident in purchasing a puppy with a health guarantee. You can also feel confident that your puppy has been raised with socializing and behavioral techniques to prepare them for training and life with their human family!

Puppies raised with YOU in mind.

unique breeds raised with top industry standards.

Sadly, our dogs aren't around as long as we want them to be- so we need to treasure the time we have with them! Investing in a HEALTHY puppy is your first step to many years with your best canine companion. Secondly, making sure this companion is ready for life in the human world is absolute key so that your first few years together are as seamless as possible! 
Unfortuantly not every breeder is alike. Some offer top quality dogs, but they are not raised in family environments with just as much focus on mental health as physical conformation. Some puppies are whelped and raised in loving homes, but the parents are carriers for genetic breed specific diseases that end up being passed to their offspring. 
If you are putting this much time and effort into finding your forever canine companion, then I know you want to make sure they are emotionally HAPPY and physically HEALTHY. At Diamond in the Ruff, you can get the best of both of these worlds. 

i see you...

You want a top quality dog. Because a dog isn't just a dog to you, they are family. 

It's easy to assume that the parent dogs well-being in top priority in breeding kennels... well at Diamond in the Ruff your assumption is correct! We don't breed our mom dogs until they are emotionally and physically ready to be moms. We also think they should be able to be family dogs from the beginning- hence we place them with their forever homes, in guardian homes, from the beginning of their breeding career. 

parents health is top priority

Do you think you'll have a question about your dog a few years down the line? No problem! We WANT to stay in contact with you, hear updates, and help with any questions you have down the line! 

GEt Lifetime support.

Ashley has trained dogs for many years and is now specialized in puppy training and raising! We use top industry puppy programs, like Puppy Culture, to prepare your puppy mentally and emotionally for training. 

your puppy is raised by a dog trainer.

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

We care about our puppies and want to make sure their energy level and personality is the right fit for you. Therefore we ask for all our puppy owners to fill our a brief application so we can get to know you better before selecting a puppy!

Pups go home at 8 weeks old. They will come with a year long health guarantee, AKC registration, first set of shots, and a puppy goody bag.

We don't "choose" puppies until they are 7 weeks old and have undergone a personality test to see what type of person they are best suited for!

We love to meet our families in person, but understand if making the journey out is too time consuming. Thus we are happy to help suggest a good flight nanny service to get your puppy safely to you!

What you can expect...

"Ashley is a GREAT breeder - she does all the appropriate health testing before breeding and raises the puppies with lots of love & enrichment activities. I got my dog, Luna, from her 5 years ago and her communication has always been prompt and thoughtful over the years. You will be lucky to get one of Ashley's puppies!" — Katie W.

"Her dedication to finding the best homes for her puppies stems from her love for these breeds and the puppies individual personalities."

We have a limited number of litters each year, so please leave an application to wait for our next one if we don't have current puppies!

limited litters

Your choices matter! Whether you get a puppy from us or not, please support a responsible dog breeder who is caring for the puppies, parents, and breed in general!

Supporting a responsible dog breeder helps to produce healthy dogs and better the breed.

responsible dog breeding

We suggest many products to keep your puppy as healthy as possible, you can expect samples of these products in your puppy goody bag!

product suggestions


She is patient, caring, and attentive. I've seen her interact with her pets and other animals in a positive way many times via her social media accounts on FB and IG. Ashley is also very attentive in answering any questions I may have had during the process.
- Shawn H. 

"If I decide to get another Giant Schnauzer, Ashley is definitely my go to breeder."

"Amazing experience with an amazing breeder who truly cares about her pets. She helped me get my best friend Trigger. Three years later he’s the best decision I’ve ever made! ... Ashley did all of the testing I was looking for and more on the parents."
- Ben B.

"Best dog I’ve ever owned and a lot of that can be attributed to the breeder."

"They really care about their dogs and want to make sure they go to a good home. It makes all the difference in the world to get a puppy who is loved and who has been taken care of well, and they definitely do that! They are the best!" - Jessica F. 

"I loved my experience with Diamond in the Ruff."

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