The everyday products we use for our own dogs and our puppies! As a note, I am an affiliate for some of these companies, which means I get a kickback if you use my code or link. I only recommend tools I personally use and love, and if you love them too- we appreciate the extra support!

What you feed your dog matters... a whole lot

Foods and Supplements

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You can find our favorite training treats and other recommended foods on!

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Taking pet supplements to a new level... New Vet has a vitamin to keep your puppies immune system up and a joint supplement for the growing years and beyond!


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We've been feeding this food for years. A higher quality food, that you feed LESS of. This is made in small batches, so you know its fresh!

Lifes Abundance 

daily things my dogs (and I) can't live without

Favorite Products

Bathtime is hard enough, use gentle ingredients.

Favorite Tearless Shampoo

Slow down feeding and make the brain work.

Snuffle Mat

I feed one meal a day out of these!

The Kong Wobbler

Tough and CUTE toys. All my dogs love them.

Kong Cozie Toys

Accessorize and personalize! 

Dog Bandanas

My addiction is buying collars...

Collars and Leashes

you need!

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You want to get a puppy, but are unsure where to start or how to find an ethical dog breeder! Click here for our guide to find the right dog breeder for you. 

How to Choose a Responsible Dog Breeder

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From dog training tips to inspiring dog novels, these are the reads I keep coming back to and recommend to all of my clients! 

What's On My Bookshelf