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Our puppies are raised with their families in mind- we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible! 

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We spent many thoughtful hours deciding what breeds we wanted to raise for families to love. After meeting westies in our first apartment over ten years ago, we instantly fell in love with these spunky, adorable, smart dogs. Their size is perfect for all kinds of living situations and families. Their personalities are capable of all kinds of activities and adventures. 
Shortly after our adventure started with Westies, we decided we needed a big dog to match our love for terriers. Enter the Giant Schnauzer. This breed is highly capable of helping families feel safe, while simultaneously being goofy. Giants have a high drive and energy level. They are excellent to train and a great option for someone wanting a large dog that doesn't shed!   

We specialize in raising giant schnauzers and west highland white terriers.

Unique breeds for a unique you!

Our Westies

Spunky. Hardy. Bright. Driven.
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Our giants

Athletic. Protective. Loyal. Smart. View our Giant Schnauzer parents and puppies here!

Giant Schnauzers


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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! I am Ashley the head of Diamond in the Ruff, along with my husband Alex and assisted in our journey by our two great kids! I've always been connected with dogs- in fact in my younger years you could find me camping out in the dog-loo with our lab because I often prefer the company of our fur-friends to people! Over the years I've trained dogs, worked with veterinarians, and now we run a horse boarding and lesson program along with our dog breeding! I get to live my dreams working with animals and couldn't be more grateful. 

head of diamond in the ruff · puppy specialist · dog trainer

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"Since bringing Sami home he has adjusted well. He's in great physical health. He's strong and very smart... I would recommend pups bred, trained and cared for by Ashley and Alex to anyone who is looking for a healthy, loving pup!"

"Ashley and Alex are amazing people and their pups are just as wonderful! "

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