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Due to complications since the Covid-19 pandemic, shipping dogs via cargo is much more difficult. We will only fly dogs if they can be hand delivered by a person. 

do you ship dogs worldwide?

We health test all our own personal breeding dogs! If we have to use a stud, then we ask that they health test them as well, but it is up to that breeders discretion.

aRe your dogs health tested?

We love to try out new dog products and share about the ones that we solidly love. So please let us know if you have a great dog product to try.

can i mail you a product to share?

Life circumstances change so often, it's hard to say how long people will wait for a puppy! We have several litters a year, so if you are in contact with us and ready- you should get a puppy within the year!

How long is your waiting list?

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