We breed our giant schnauzers for family life first, and drive second. We want to breed giants who have stamina, inhibition, and good health. 

Meet our Giants!



Pattie (retired) 

Pattie is the daughter of our first giant schnauzer, Millie, and Zeus. She is a great mom and is the definition of an ATTENTION HOG. She loves people so much, she has learned to jump the fence just to be close to the people! Her guardian family says she is wonderful with their three boys! And we've been so happy with how well they trained her!


Penny is our up and coming pepper and salt female! She is full of energy and sweetness. She really has such a gentle way with our kids and is a great "auntie" to all the puppies around here! 
Pending her health tests, we are hoping for pups from Penny is 2024!


Our newest addition, Mr. Zig! We are so excited to have this cute boy as our future stud dog! He is a darker pepper and salt giant schnauzer. 
He loves to use his nose and adventure around the farm. Zig is already very brave and is showing his protective instincts already!

In memory of...


Our giant schnauzer who started it all, Millie die Schoene ("the beautiful"). Millie is the mother to Pattie and the grandmother to many of our beautiful current giant schnauzer litters. She was trained in service work for mobility support, scent work, and was the best family dog! Our favorite memory of Millie is that every time we walked through the door, she brought an item to us as a welcome home gift. We miss her dearly!