Spunky, tough, and affectionate- our westies are family dogs first, great moms second, and good representatives of the breed!

Meet our Westies!



Belle (retired)

 The "Queen Bee" as we call her rules the house. She's our first dog and we literally whelped her in our basement apartment, and that's what got us started in dog breeding! Belle is such a special dog and knows many tricks. She loves to swim, fetch, and be a farm dog. She's had four litters of puppies and is now a retired grandma dog, who tries to still mother all our litters. 

Pyper (retired)

Pyper is Belle's daughter and is even more full of personality than the average westie! This girl loves to snuggle and watch TV... literally she will watch the entire movie with you. Pyper is an excellent mother and lives with her guardian family in Cedar City, Utah when she isn't raising pups! 

Up and coming mom, Roxie is Pyper's daughter and Belle's granddaughter. She is spunky and full of all the energy! Pyper loves to go on big walks in the field behind her house in Idaho Falls, ID and she's learned several tricks as well! We are excited for her to keep growing so we can see what kind of mom she will be!

In memory of...


Bailey was Ashley's dog in high school and beyond. She was truly a "Marley and Me" yellow lab and for the first half of her life she was very good at getting into trouble! But it was hard to ever get mad at her when you saw that labrador smile. She taught Millie and Belle how to hunt for mice in the field and was an excellent swimmer in the canal behind Ashley's families property. Bailey lived until she was 13 and we miss her so much!



We got Cece from another breeder when she was 1.5 years old, and we've been so happy to have her as part of our family and breeding program! She's originally from Poland and has excellent breeding lines- in fact, her brother is a champion in Canada. Cece has the best personality and wins for the best cuddles. She is also our most instinctual westie and loves to stalk rats, mice, or whatever small critter she can.